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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

August 12, 2020

How my mother inspires me

My mom inspires today’s topic. So, I won’t put on any further elaboration and talk about it. Imagine, just imagine that tomorrow, you wake up and hear someone saying “Do you know? Corona just vanished midnight or somewhere like that!!” What would be the day’s routine for you?

The first thing I would do is that I would check the calendar and look if it’s April 1st or not. Because I would probably think first of all that it’s a prank? Second thing, I would check the TV because reporters can’t celebrate April 1st while in the studio. So, if the reporters say it, the first thing I would do is go to each house or maybe to the people I know and saying congrats.

Then, running back to my house and my balcony, I would look at the normal Kathmandu. People all around talking, and the best of all, no masks. Everyone could feel the fresh air. And now, I would call my friends on Skype and enjoy with them. Mostly my besties. And enjoy for hours. If there are even online classes, I will not join.

Who would waste such a great day in some kind of note-taking? So, I would just bunk the courses for the day. And then, I would head down to play. It’s been such a long time since I played with my friends. I would do that. And, after that playing for what 3-4 hours, I would go back up and now open my Laptop and start at least doing the homework of Google Classroom since I do not want to get scolded by the teacher the next day.

And, I could finish it in an hour cause we only get two works a day (fixed). That would not be much of an effort. And it would not bring any effect on my daily tasks/chores. Anyways, after I complete the work, I’ll go and watch movies. I do not care if I have watched it already. Cause, I occasionally forget about all the movies I watch. And so, I would keep watching. And like that, I would spend my day. How about you? Even you can think!! Maybe I would stop Imagining after that. Well, bye-bye now!!

August 8, 2020

The cases in Nepal now

Why is it so, that whenever you start reading, you feel good. And when it’s about half an hour, you start feeling sleepy. Or, is it only me that feels like this, or is there anyone that agrees with me? And the reading Material could be anything. From a book to All emails in your Gmail or Outlook. I am so confused about this topic. I do not want to research on this though I can. I will if I don’t get an answer soon though. If you could answer, please answer below. I need an answer to my confusion.

Anyways, since it’s been so long, let me give a quick Coronavirus report:

  • Coronavirus Cases
  • 22,214
  • Deaths
  • 70
  • Recovered
  • 15,814

That’s all. I’ll explain the details next time. 

I wanted to tell you all that I have been doing a one-week school project on Decomposition. ANd tell you what, I would throw up right after looking at the food. I smell it and I will faint. That has not happened but it might, because of the looks and the smell of the boxes and the food. YECK!! The better thing to do is to go do some farming. Hard work is there and it won’t give you difficulties in breathing. Ok, I am planning to make a new survey. Let me know what the survey is about. Thank you!!

BYE-BYE!! See you next time!!

August 6, 2020

Story time is coming, and I am still thinking. Meanwhile, check out the beautiful sunset

There is one week left for presenting our story and I can’t even sort it out. Well, that’s bad luck!! And I’m not joking. I know what I will write about but I do not know how I will write about it. I can also agree on my behalf that it’s lack of concentration. I’ll start working on it today and who knows. Maybe I can get ideas as I keep on writing/typing.

I am a very open person with a lot of things to share. And so here I am. To share. But, the thing is, I’m feeling like what do I even share?

The first thing is first. I am so addicted to ICT in a good way. I look at it, try it. And now, I can even research it. I am so happy that I got a lot of information. But, I can’t say the same information because it sounds complicated. I am currently simplifying it. 

This work is so hard that I think it will take a week because the information consists of 30 pages. And that also, you won’t believe, came from just one website. WOW!! And by now, you might be confused about what I am to about. And, that was what I wanted. The thing is… we are having our ICT conference in a week or if postponed, we will have it in a month. There’s going to be games and a Panel Discussion. After giving, this wonderful news, I have one more. 

So, the task for me, Ananya, Arnav and Varsha, I had forgotten to tell about this (spoiler alert), but, our stories that we will write for our next call will also be posted on one story Avenue. Deepti ma’am said it to us, and now I am passing this message to you. Hope Deepti ma’am’s surprise to her audience didn’t get spoiled…😬😬!! 

Moving on, for the last few days, the sunsets have been so beautiful. And, I have even named one of them. The most beautiful once. I called it “The Horizon Sunset”. Here’s a photo!!!

Well, now that you saw it imagine how the other sunsets could have been!! I can’t even get those sunsets out of my mind. Well, here’s another example!!

(The ordinary sunset)

This one looks like the water in paintings at time of sunsets. So, with these two beautiful sunsets, it also marks the sunset of today’s diary. BYE-BYE!!


  1. Simple and real. Out of many, your strength on talking to strangers is my favorite one. Life is all about exploring and understanding what is already out there. I wish you lots of love and luck to first keep writing and second love what you do in life ❤️.

  2. Hello again, Shivan! What an amazing bundle of talent you are! Reading your blog brings a smile on my face. I feel like I have known you for so long. Congrats for finishing your exams. Have a great summer break. I know your genius mind wont sit idle at any cost, even on a summer break! Keep writing and amazing your readers. And as a mother myself, lastly would like to add that the more a mother yells at her children the more she loves them 🙂 speaking outa’ personal experience here! hehe! TC. Xoxoxo to you and your mama! ♥️

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