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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

July 4, 2020

Happy Teacher’s Day

It’s Teacher’s Day tomorrow. As per the Hindu Lunar calendar, it’s “Guru Poornima” – meaning it’s a special full moon day dedicated to Guru (Master or Teacher). So, I decided to talk about Teachers or Guru today. 

I sometimes feel like somehow teachers are the second person closest to us after our parents. Let me narrate a few experiences of either mine or maybe one of my friends’. Firstly, let me start with this incident:

A mantra for multiple problems

I had this teacher in my 5th grade named Seema miss. And then one day, she was scolding or let me say, explaining to us to answer this question “why do we as teachers, give homework?” And, she was calm in around 15 minutes. I was thinking of “Phew!! This lecture is over!!” And then when the class was over, she went off by saying “God bless you all!!”.

Then, I was wonderstruck!! She never ever told this. And then I thought maybe she wants to bring a better habit. So, I left it. Next time, she did not tell the quote!! And then for weeks, no one heard her say it!! One day, I got so curious that I asked her what she meant that day!!

She smiled and said “Oh!! That!! That was not exactly a blessing or a new habit. It was a quote to god to get their attention to you!! And possibly improve.”. I never forgot this statement. Admiring for that I somehow just forgot it!! I just did!! And once I was Mentally and Physically. And some people were even irritating me at the time. One day when I was imagining, I just remembered Seema miss’s words. I told that guy “Just… God bless you!!”.

That guy even did not mind. And then, after me saying that he literally stopped. And he is still in our school. No time after that have I ever been irritated by him (the name is not to be mentioned). And then, yes, that was the end of the story!! But, you know!!

This is just one of the 500,000,000 miracles maybe a teacher has ever done!! That is what I feel teachers are. I can even ask the stupidest of questions, but the teacher will find it as a gift!! It’s just what my teacher said to me. I do not know this question just came out of my tongue “Miss, how can we find the LCM?”. She looked at me with amazement. She then smiled and answered it to me the next morning!! I end this topic here now!!

And I have gratitude to all who come in our life as a teacher for not just any normal subject, but, maybe something beyond that!! I mean technically, even your mom is your first teacher who teaches us how to walk, talk, etc. And there are so many other teachers yet to come in anyone’s life. So, I would love to conclude here today!! Bye!!

July 2, 2020

Things are getting busy and exams have started too

Sorry that I did not write my diary yesterday. We got so occupied with my mom startup. She was overwhelmed with her tasks. I tried helping her as much as I could. By the time we completed the tasks, it was too late. 

Next thing -about my views of Kathmandu. Remember I once talked about how I wish I could play with my friends in this good weather. Now, when I look back and read those posts, I wonder at my feelings. I feel these are just simple Memories that make me smile. 

Our exams have started, you know, and till today it is going really smoothly. I always make sure I finish on time. As this is my first ever experience of online tests, it feels great. And today we had two papers -Computer and Social Studies. Answers were to be written in Google Docs and so it was really easy. I am not saying that writing on hard papers used to be tough, but, typing is a lot faster (unless you are a mobile user). I can’t address too many things on this topic, so let me conclude this topic here.

Last but not the least, Rumani’s mom has given us a task to form a team of 4 friends and make creative stuff like type in Nepali and create Nepali stories. The idea is to improve creativity and our Nepali language skills. So, Rumani and I are looking for two more friends to join us. I am excited about this. But, we can work on that only on weekends.

My weekdays are getting busier with online classes (9:00 am to 3:00 pm), then afternoon play in the lawn, some cycling, homework, preparation for Deepti ma’am’s next meeting, etc. Oh!! I almost forgot to tell. We will be having term break after this Exam i.e from Sunday, where we will be given 1 topic to research on.

Wow!! I love research work. I so want this Exam to be over ASAP. Because I am also so tired this term. I want holiday to be honest. And then relax for 5 days. Sleep, do whatever you like for those 5 days, and then continue. Exactly what I needed. A not so long vacation. I wanted to share everything in my mind today. And, you know, I have just emptied all my thoughts. So, I want to conclude here today. See ya guys!! 

June 27, 2020

Know more about me

I had such a good dream last night. It was about me in the Amazon river, jumping to and from insane heights. I got suddenly woke up though. I will elaborate more on this later, and I will also talk about my exam coming nearer. It is 3 days away. And I have still not forgotten about our Riddles!! So now, let me start. 


First off, I will start with our Riddles today so that I can much time and an open mind to share freely later. 

Riddle Answer
What kind of dog never bites?Hotdog
What is the largest ant in the world?Elephant (has an ant in the ending)
A boy was reading. The lights went out, but the boy kept reading. How?Because he was visually impaired and was reading brailles.
I have 8 rooms, but no windows or doors. What am I? A bamboo 

Now let me go to my main topics for today!! The first main topic for today is:

Our exam 

Our virtual exam is only 3-4 days away. And I am literally so much excited about it. Forgetting about real school for now is so much fun. Like, you do not need to keep so many notes. Most of the things we need are already in the classroom. And the best thing is that we can do subjective questions in Google forms and long answer questions (Subjective questions) in Google Docs. Even Nepali. Plus I know how to type Nepali fluently in Google docs now. Well, in Romanized language, I am still tying Nepali traditional keyboard. It is really tough though. Some phrases like क्ष or ज्ञ were a little bit hard in the beginning, but one website helped me thereby showing the composition and all mixtures of the Romanized keyboard. Click here to look at that website. It is very helpful if You want to know the composition of your Nepali keyboard. OK, I’ll shift to the next topic.

My last night’s dream

I had a wonderful dream last night!! It was like a fairytale but it is something that anyone could do with guts. Anyways, my dream was about being in the Amazon river, doing intense tricks, and other things like jumping from unbelievable heights, Jumping as high as Chimpanzees. And it felt like I was floating. And when I woke up, it was the first time I regretted waking up. I was 😌 to 😡 in a second. And hey, I want you to check out this presentation made by me and Arnav which was Captain-Spidey. Here you are:

Click here to see my and Arnav’s presentation of our superhero. For a quick summary of our superhero, here it is. But, it would be better if you watch the presentation. Anyways, here is the summary:

Name: Captain-Spidey


  1. Shield
  2. Shooting Webs
  3. Sixth sense
  4. Super-strength


  1. Technology
  2. Worthiness
  3. Strategies


  1. Stressing out
  2. Trust

Signing off for today!!! See ya!!


  1. Simple and real. Out of many, your strength on talking to strangers is my favorite one. Life is all about exploring and understanding what is already out there. I wish you lots of love and luck to first keep writing and second love what you do in life ❤️.

  2. Hello again, Shivan! What an amazing bundle of talent you are! Reading your blog brings a smile on my face. I feel like I have known you for so long. Congrats for finishing your exams. Have a great summer break. I know your genius mind wont sit idle at any cost, even on a summer break! Keep writing and amazing your readers. And as a mother myself, lastly would like to add that the more a mother yells at her children the more she loves them 🙂 speaking outa’ personal experience here! hehe! TC. Xoxoxo to you and your mama! ♥️

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