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Inspiring Quote | Superheroes and their Superpower

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” The very fact that J. K. Rowling is speaking about how she rebuilt her life tells us that her first life kind of got destroyed. She has openly admitted that she suffered from clinical depression. She has also spoken about how she lost all her hopes as a writer until the first book of Harry Potter was released. And the rest is history.

Recently, I have been watching many superhero movies – Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Batman, etc. One thing that is common amongst all of them is they rebuilt their lives from the rock bottom. For some reason or the other, they get destroyed. They are taken down. They hit the rock bottom. And they start questioning, “How bad will this get?” “How long will this take?” “How long will I have to go through this?” And so on.

But whenever they go down through all the stuff to get to the rock, they somehow find strength and courage to build up. Perhaps that rock bottom is solid. Maybe they get the feeling that it can’t be worse than this. Maybe once they have lost everything, they are no longer scared of anything. Or they just allow life to take them deep because they know when they reach that rock bottom, they can rebuild their life. Whatever the reason is, they somehow use that rock bottom as the solid foundation to rebuild themselves. And whenever they come up, they arrive with such a superpower. I guess that courage, hope and strength that they manage to find even when they hit the rock bottom make them a superhero.

What do you think? How would you interpret this quote? Please share your insights as I want to learn from you too.

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