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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

Meet Shivan Sharma and let’s listen to his stories

May 27, 2020

I realized where I was wrong recently. I was just not being myself. Today I have decided to come back to #theoldme

Hey!! I am back with full energy and now, I am ready to continue my Diary!! 

You know!! It was a tough time getting back the real me #TheOldMe!! It was difficult and felt clueless!! And then I thought to write in my old style!! Because this technology changes the mood!! But, to write in my old style, I needed to know the old me!! Now, for that, I checked out my old writings. And now let me start!!

My Father woke me up very early at 6:00 AM. For a minute, I was feeling like “Dad, come on!! Let me sleep!! Then, he reminded me that my cycle is fixed and I could ride it. Listen!! I know what you are thinking!! Shivan, but there is a lock-down in Nepal right now!! Well then, there is nothing that I love more than cycling!! If it is my village!! I feel like riding it all around Nepal. And cycling is the greatest ever sport for me!! Because the road is so pitched and perfect, clean, and what else can you say!! Just, the road is very much safe to ride your bicycle!! 

Have you ever had bleeding in the nose? Do you know that the nose bleeding that happens to you is a kind of disease? Let me make you clear!! That problem is called as “Epistaxis”!! It can occur due to:

  1. Extreme hot or dry cold temperature
  2. Picking of the nose (Ew!!  Even kids do not do that these days!!)
  3. Change of altitude (Be careful if you are climbing to Mt. Everest base camp!!)
  4. A hard hit on the nose (That can happen anytime to me!!)

Try out the Canva app if you are really looking for an Infographic app. My sister thought me how to use it today and I am going to use it very soon. You all do not have to worry about it!! 

And did I ever mention my plan to go to play Badminton with Rumani in the morning!! If I did not, here you are!! This was a plan of two weeks ago, but, because of the rain, we had to cancel it since Suncity had one new case. Well, at least that plan got fulfilled today. We did it!!

And Happy Mothers Day to all since it is Mother’s day in Bolivia and Happy belated Mother’s day to Poland!! And happy 95th Birthday to Adelina Gutierrez Alonso!! And also, last one, Happy children’s day 2020 to all children. And if there is any cute little Munchkin watching this, listen “You count!!”!! So go see yourself in a deep way rather than the usual way. And these days, I am not really into art and craft!! But I am into Dude perfect and this Canva app is so addicting!! 

I will share the picture of a Canvas card or design tomorrow!! Bye, all the sweet Munchkins and parents and all people!! See ya all after a day!! 

May 25, 2020

We are planning for a surprise for you guys. I am excited.

My sister has started teaching me Science now!! And by the way, sorry that I did not write my diary yesterday. It’s a long story, but long story short, there was a fire near suncity yesterday and the lights went out yesterday. 

And the deaths are increasing in Nepal very slowly. You can’t be here reading this diary to know like there are 682 cases, and then could you even imagine that there are 4 deaths and only 112 recoveries!! I mean, the doctors are trying their best.

And there is a surprise coming very soon!! Like in a week!! Or maybe so. Something you might have never thought would happen!! Stay tuned!!

May 23, 2020

It’s so sad to know about the flight that crashed in Pakistan. Things were just getting normal.

Ok!! It is going to be tough to summarize the whole weekend at once!! Anyways, sorry that I could not write for the weekdays!! It was because Deepti ma’am’s computer crashed. I am sorry for her, but, she fixed the situation.

 So, this week, we have started a new topic for computer classes, which is (Drum roll) “Google sheets”. My mom had already taught me how to enter formulas and other stuff, so not much of a problem for me. But, I also learned some new things such as:

  1. The place where you can select the whole sheet also has a thick layer which is the freeze cell line. Drag it and it will freeze the cells either on the column or row. 
  2. When you have pree-knowledge, it is beneficial for you.

Next, movies!! I just don’t know why I love to watch movies so much, but I do. I watched the movies “Cars 3” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. And now, let me move out of that topic. Also because though mom loves watching movies, she does not like talking about them. 

And this week, for the first time, a plane flew right over Suncity. It is not !the usual route of airplanes. Also, I felt very sad to know about the crashed plane that had flown from Lahore. It crashed in a residential area. It is said that 2 people survived and 97 died.

We played some new games and had a lot of fun this weekend. And we are still aware of the coronavirus as it is increasing. But, people roam like bats in the evening and that makes me so mad. So, bye for today!!


  1. I admire the way you continued to write candidly Shivan and your self expression continues effortlessly. It was a good read and a read of relief and joy. Keep going. We enjoy reading you!!

  2. I read your diary every single day. I enjoy alot. You must be a good boy. I like your writing. Keep writing. You are so creative.

  3. This diary has a mixture of everything. This kid is summarizing everything- maths, science, jokes, avengers… His maths questions are genius. Seems to be multitalented but equally honest and down to earth. Deepti KC is doing a great job. Kudos to both!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. We are promoting kids to write. Such words from you will motivate children to be consistent with their journals. Thank you again!

  4. Thank you so much for your diary to share with us! I was also in Nepal, when the lockdown started, then I got picked up by an airplane to get back to my country! I loved your country and all the friendly people in it. Thank you so much and I will come back eventually to walk up the Mount Everest Basecamp. Stay healthy and happy!!!

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