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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

April 17, 2020

Day 18: Guess what? I now have an official email account too 🙂

Welcome back all!!!! Today I will share with you some interesting games you can play at home (not including mobile). And also, I shall share with you some things on the views from Kathmandu. And some memes I really liked from Fusion Memes. Let’s start.

The one and only game you can play at home are “Paper Ball Cricket” (the bat could be a copy as well). That is one. Another is “Jenga”, “Ludo”, “Chess”, “Dominoes” & that’s it. Funny, isn’t it!!

I also watch movies in star movies HD as it is so amazing. I have watched Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, Rio, etc. I feel very much refreshed by watching movies. By the way, every day at 1:00 pm (GMT+5:45), they have children movies. And when I was telling that, something more interesting thing happened.

We now have our own school E-mail addresses!! Finally, the school did something reasonable. But, there might be a problem because of this and that is… I might not be able to write this diary every day, but I will try and do my best to write every day. I also checked all the apps like google classroom and I could see two classes, but, there were no assignments to be done. That upset me. It was cool though because I always wanted my own official E-mail. 

Next, Kathmandu looks so different right now. Especially when there is sunlight on the faraway hills. It looks like the light coming from a UFO. Something like this: (From Google)

  Yep!! That is exactly what it looks like.

This is cool!! Isn’t it? Man, I wish I was in those clouds. Now I feel like Doraemon could exist. I would be like: 

(I come running to Doraemon)

  • Me: Doraemon, can you give a bamboo copter?
  • Doraemon: Yes!! But why?
  • Me: I want to sleep in the clouds.
  • Doraemon: Ok!! But, come back soon. The charge might run out. Also, you have a test tomorrow.
  • Me: Yeah, yeah!! All right.
  • Doraemon: I know you will regret this.
  • Me: Doraemon, there is a lock-down right now in Japan.
  • Doraemon: I know!! But your school has created a learning app + a school E-mail. 
  • Me: 

(After the exam, Gian calls me)

  • Gian: Shivan!! Did you do question No.10?
  • Me: There was a question No.10?
  • Gian: Yes!! On the fourth page.
  • Me: There was a fourth page??!! 🙂

# Just a meme I watched!!😄😂

Well, I laughed at that meme hard. Did You? Bye for today!!

April 16, 2020

Day 17: People are moving freely. Do they even care of the virus? And Alexa could not answer to all my questions.

Man, this is cool. I never thought that Epic Games will be so cool. It has a series of lego Batman. 1, 2 & 3. I was always searching for Lego Batman 1 in there and I found it today. I always wanted to complete that game. Anyways, welcome back everyone. I will share with you all I feel all day during this lock-down.

I always wake up as I sleep all night. Now, I have started thinking about a lot and a lot of things after the case in our area. I asked Alexa all my questions and Alexa could not answer at all. Well, that is unlucky for me. I see that there are no policemen outside and that is good. But, the bad news is that people don’t care anymore. They move around freely as if they do not know about the virus. Well, at least it is only in the morning. It is dead silent if we talk about the evening.

And about Epic Games. Please make kids like me enjoy this lock-down by downloading epic games here. I swear it is very much fun.

I also watch this youtube channel. It is of sis vs bro. Well, watch that channel to support them on reaching 12 M subscribers. I had also tried creating my own youtube channel but it did not go well.

I have for the first time got bored by watching a mobile. And before, I used to hate going out. Now, I wish we could even go to the basketball court. 

I think I will close this here for today. Bye!!!   

April 15,2020

Day 16: It is a scary time in our building because of two people being diagnosed with COVID. My mom and dad were continuously in the call.

Woah, Woah, hold on to your bedsheet for today because now, things are starting to get a little bit scary in Nepal. Believe it or not, we now have 16 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Nepal. I still know that there are a lot more cases in other countries, but, I think and my mom says that this is the beginning of this outbreak. We are only in the first stage. It is all because of the 2 people in Nepal getting the virus in our apartment.

Now I shall share all I have heard about Nepal in this outbreak.

I know this might freak you out, but, one of our relatives came from America. Oh! Thank God that he got diagnosed as a negative. Anyways, the family that was diagnosed positive had traveled back from London. They had not exposed themselves, but, media is so quick these days. We could not even know about the case and the media had already set up news.

My mom and dad have so many calls. Funny thing, dad has 1 I-pad, 1 mobile, and 2 telephones. He had so many calls as if it was the police station (3 haha emojis). He was talking to one person and another one calls. He has had so many calls since then. My mom, she had one person after the other. So, she is fine. You might be thinking if people call from Messenger, WhatsApp, right? Well, she deleted them a week ago, thumbs up!!

And let me continue talking about the case some more. One thing, we are safe till now because the infected family lives in another building. Well, I caught your breath on that one, didn’t I? Haha!! I so want to tell you how my family has been doing after this case, but, I’ll leave it for later.

Now, I woke up with a sound I never woke up from. It felt like water sprinkling. I went out to the balcony to see the mischief-maker. It was surprisingly a person with a big pipe in which something was coming out. I could not say it was water because it was giving a foul smell. Mom said it is chlorine mixed with soluted bleach powder. No wonder it had a foul smell. It was being used to clean the whole area. We had a SWAP check today. At around 2 hours from that, the procedure started. Everyone was tensed and worried and so was I. I had a lot of questions on my mind like.

  • What if anyone is seen +ve?
  • What if that person is me (My test is yet to be done)?
  • What will be the results?
  • Am I scared? (Yes)
  • What happened to the third person of those infected people?
  • What will we do if the food runs out?
  • Why is this so stressful?
  • What is happening in China, Italy, America?
  • Are all these questions be answered by today? IDK!!! The checking started now.

By the way, the family who is infected is in the stage of recovery. That is so good. And one of them was seen negative.

After half an hour, my mom told dad to go and check himself. Positive thing, everyone has been seen negative till now from tower A and others. And that is the latest news till today.

I am the checker of the whole family as I have to check the symptoms in all my family members. I also think that my sister has been so crazy about the news. She does not even care what the media says. Before, I thought that being seen on the television was good, but now, I want to take that back. Anyways, Bye!!!!! Also, a picture of the sun city apartment while testing from social media.

April 14, 2020

Day 15: We heard that two people are diagnosed with COVID in our apartment, and now policemen have surrounded us. It is scary.

Hi all!! I am Shivan as you all already know me, and I am here to share my lock-down diary. I will share with you dangerous news of today which might make you as scared as a bunny looking at a lion. Let me start.

We can not go out of our home to buy snacks or anything now. Policemen have surrounded us from all 4 sides. I will share that with you sometime later, but first I will share with you the result of the last question of my lock-down feelings.

My last question in that form was “ Have you enjoyed this lock-down?” and the options were

Here are the summary results:

1st position goes to… “Neutral” with a count of 41. Its percentage is 51.2%. I think that is quite true having the Corona stress and also the fun time we can have with our family. I am a yes though. Yes is 2nd and No is 3rd (you all might know why so I do not have to mention the reason).

Anyways, I and my family are so scared because of two people being diagnosed with the coronavirus in our apartment.

That is so scary and that is why we are surrounded by policemen. Well, I organized a party on the right day. I had nothing to do yesterday, so I filled up a whole sanitizer bottle with perfume (men deodorizer) and spread it all over the house. Well, that was all for today, see you all tomorrow.

April 13, 2020

Day 14: Happy Nepali New Year! I am sharing my wishes for this year.

Happy New Year everyone!! I am so excited to share about my day today. I will start from the morning. My father woke me up at 6 and I started taking my debit card. I had to buy snacks for our New Year party. I ran downstairs and went to the Q-mart. I bought the needed materials. In like half an hour, we were back. I washed my hands and took a bath. I felt refreshed and a new year was ready to begin.

I had lots of hopes and dreams but they all drowned into the deep sea. I will also share my 4th question’s results. Which should I start with first? I will start with the results first. My 4th question was “What is the first thing you will do after this whole lock-down is over?” Here are the funniest answers.

  • I will buy a new kurta for myself.
  • Shout.
  • I will go and have my favorite food.
  • Have tea at Basantapur.
  • I will run to my favorite restaurant and eat a lot. I love their breakfast menu.
  • Go for a run on the beach.
  • Go to the gym and a restaurant.
  • Have a party!!!
  • Go to meet my father at his house.

And that is all. I do not know which one was the funniest. Anyways, on to the next topic. My Hopes & Dreams for this year. I do not know if these will be fulfilled or not, though. ( This was the idea of my mom)

  • Visit Sauraha (Mild)
  • Know how to speak properly with elders (Strongly needed to be fulfilled)
  • Become better at bottle flipping (Mild)
  • Stop crying unnecessarily (Strongly required)

Anyways, enough of that, I will continue sharing my day. I started making cards for everyone. It was fun and when I finished, I had some time to eat breakfast. I had Roti & Jam for my breakfast. Then everyone woke and I started wishing them a happy new year.

Lunchtime came and went away as well and yet nothing much to do, but, while it was lunch, Rumani came. I told her to wait until I have my lunch. I ate as fast as I could and we played till 2:00 o’clock. We played the same things today as well. I do not know why, but, even if I play all these games all the time, I never get bored playing it. I had played a new game today. I had to flip the bottle on top of the bat. It was so fun to do that.

And then, actually, at 2:00 pm, we started our small party. Mom was working, so we saved some of it for her. When she completed working, I offered her the remaining snacks. I also wished her Happy New Year. She also wished me the same. We then played Theif and Police. That is all we did today. Also, I wish you all a Happy New Year from Nepal.


April 12, 2020

Day 13: Nepali New Year is approaching and here is a summary of my year

It’s New year’s eve today. A new Nepali year will start tomorrow – 2077! And, I am here with another day of my lockdown diary. I will share with you this year as a summary, but first, I will tell you about today.

Today, I have not done anything, but, mom bought us some juice to celebrate the eve, and tomorrow, it is my turn to do some special shopping. I don’t know what to buy, though. Let me think for some time. Is LAYS okay? Oh, wait!! I have an idea!! I will ask my sisters. I went and asked my sisters and my short list is ready now. I am so excited for the dawn, I just can’t wait. Oh, man!! Time changes in such ways. Before, we could go to the shops nearby anytime. But, now we have to wake up really early to even buy party snacks. The shops are open only from 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

I thought that that is enough and closed the list and I started watching movies. And that is the end.


Anyways, let’s move on. Where was I? Yes, about my year. This year was turning into heaven, but, this idiotic “Coronavirus” ruined everything. There were more good points though. I’ll share it with you all.

Good points

I have had lots of fun this year as I went on my first ever international trip to Bangkok, Thailand. It was so cool to see the economy class, imagine how I would feel in business class. I saw a glimpse of it on the same flight. I felt like I was looking at something quite expensive. Also, another fun thing was from our school programs. There was this event named Educational Expo which was awesome!!! In that program, we could make a game of any subject we want and if that game gets selected, we can stick to that group, and if not, you know what will be the consequences. JK!! We made a math game on Geoboards. Many parents liked it and some did not. Anyways, it was fun to even visit other stalls. It was fun. The last thing, we went to Pokhara at the correct time because just after that, This pandemic. And don’t suppose I am a cool guy. I am not cool.

Bad points

I do not have any bad memories. I have positive thinking, LOL!!!Don’t mind my words there, but, it is true.

P.S. If this Corona was not even a thing, I would have had the best year of my life. ( Till now)

And now I have time to share some more things. First, If you are infected with the coronavirus, there is still time, you can stay home and cure yourself. Your carefulness is the best cure for this disease.

Second, I think I have got my first ever allergy. I do not know what it is, though.

And here are some memories of this year.

Me on rock climbing:

This was the most fun part of the year as the photo below is also a restaurant and a rock climbing place. Here I am on the right, climbing the wall. I turned out to be an excellent rock-climber.


  1. Simple and real. Out of many, your strength on talking to strangers is my favorite one. Life is all about exploring and understanding what is already out there. I wish you lots of love and luck to first keep writing and second love what you do in life ❤️.

  2. Hello again, Shivan! What an amazing bundle of talent you are! Reading your blog brings a smile on my face. I feel like I have known you for so long. Congrats for finishing your exams. Have a great summer break. I know your genius mind wont sit idle at any cost, even on a summer break! Keep writing and amazing your readers. And as a mother myself, lastly would like to add that the more a mother yells at her children the more she loves them 🙂 speaking outa’ personal experience here! hehe! TC. Xoxoxo to you and your mama! ♥️

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