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We are storytellers committed to telling stories with a mission to promote mindful awareness, reflection, and self-compassion.

Words of Plato, Socrates, Krishna, Rumi, Confucius, and Buddha can uplift our lives even today. We have replaced their obscure philosophical viewpoints with real-life stories so everyone can relate to their message.

 We cover stories in three main categories!

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Gita Life

Why are the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita still relevant? Find out here

The world has changed since Sage Vyasa wrote the Bhagavad Gita, and it might appear to be a very mystical text. But the epic conversation between Krishna and Arjuna that took place thousands of years ago is still relevant. Join us to discuss its ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions that teach us how to be mindful and how to live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Life Stories

Why should we care to tell our stories?

We dare to hand over our lives to others and say, “This is what I went through, this is who I am, and maybe you can learn something from my experience.” Either a story of a broken heart or a tale of triumph, we include every story as long as you are willing to share it with us. Feel free to share your account by emailing us. Please check our Finding Maya initiative to share your story.

Quotes to Live By

Why are motivational quotes important to us?

When life gets tough, we turn to a motivational quote for a bit of inspiration. These inspirational quotes capture our subconscious mind and change our thought process, directing our energies towards a positive path. Here, at One Story Avenue, we share inspirational quotes and discuss these quotes with stories.

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