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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

July 8, 2020

We are excited about the next project about the movie Frozen

Wow!! This week I got a new laptop. So excited!! Like,  I have even done classes in it for 2 days already!! It has been such a great week so far!! No, I mean, really!! I’ll not be sharing about that though. I will be sharing my progress in creative activities and also in my and Arnav’s project for this time. Let’s dive right in!!

I and Arnav have been working on our project and now, it is complete!! We have created a Doc for the Frozen movie meanings. Another Doc to type in each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Like, to do this it took around 2 weeks. I forgot some parts and I even had to watch the Frozen 1 movie again. HAHA!! I recapped it anyways and I typed the Important messages it tried to give!! I mean, it did not take much time!! I finished it in an hour or so!! And, lastly, this time, I and Arnav made 1 decision that I have to create the Girl Superhero presentation in Canva and Arnav will do the same but related to Frozen movies. That is our progress so far in Deepti ma’am’s activities. 

And now, about the other one. Umm… we have completed gathering the group today and now we are working on the task!! The Nepali story writing. And our meeting call is on Saturday. I am completed with my story. Well, almost, a little bit is remaining!! And then I have to help some of my friends in it because they are having some difficulties and I have to help. And that is the progress in the other group. And today, I have a new feeling. And I would want to share it. 

I right now, have the author kind of feeling. How you might ask? Well, not just because of our Creative activities, but also because our writers’ workshop is already underway with the making stories. I am writing about my Bangkok trip. Nepali, not even thought of my story’s content. So, I will be working on it. And, even though I have just reached my 3rd chapter in my English story, there have been flying comments and suggestions. I am so happy you know!! Like, I do not usually like people suggesting and commenting on things I do. But, this time, I loved it. I was satisfied with myself that I have done a good thing by sharing my story with others. And now, I am thinking of continuing my story after writing my diary today!!

And one thing I wanted to share for today is that I had not looked at Deepti ma’am’s site for at least a week and today when I looked at it I was so confused that how do I see my diary and stuff. And I saw that the whole concept of the website had changed and then it took me 15 minutes to find my diary!! And yes, Riddles are coming in next time!! Do not miss out!! Bye!!


  1. Simple and real. Out of many, your strength on talking to strangers is my favorite one. Life is all about exploring and understanding what is already out there. I wish you lots of love and luck to first keep writing and second love what you do in life ❤️.

  2. Hello again, Shivan! What an amazing bundle of talent you are! Reading your blog brings a smile on my face. I feel like I have known you for so long. Congrats for finishing your exams. Have a great summer break. I know your genius mind wont sit idle at any cost, even on a summer break! Keep writing and amazing your readers. And as a mother myself, lastly would like to add that the more a mother yells at her children the more she loves them 🙂 speaking outa’ personal experience here! hehe! TC. Xoxoxo to you and your mama! ♥️

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