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A Child’s Diary: Shivan Sharma’s Corona Lockdown Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shivan Sharma, a 11-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):

June 24, 2020

I am sharing a lot about me today

Hi everyone!! Here I am back with another piece of my diary. Today, I do want to talk about my answers to some questions on which we had a family sharing last weekend. But, I will only be sharing my thoughts on those questions because one of the rules set was – confidentiality. So, yes, I won’t be talking about what others had said. So let me start.

One thing I have never done before but would love to try:

UMM!! I mean, I didn’t have that much clue on what to write when I got this question. Something that I really want to try out feels like nothing because I feel like I have done everything possible for my age. But when I really thought hard – I came up with four things. 

One thing is, I really want to go to outer space cause no one as a child would ever have done that before. But, it can be possible. For quick reference, an ape was the first creature to go to outer space.

Secondly, So I want to go and visit countries of Asia cause I have just visited countries in Asia Bangkok and India really love to go to Canada for France or somewhere like that. If this wish of mine came true, I would be overjoyed. Like Aladin’s genie suddenly appears and I ask this wish. That would be cool!!😀😀!! 

Publishing a book would be incredible for me!! Like, imagine being famous as Roald Dahl at this age for English Novels. Nepali, Nah!! Not really!! I kinda get annoyed because of this subject though it is my national language. 

This thing is actually gonna become true. And that is, Doing Exams Online. It sounds crazy enough already, so I will not elaborate on this one that much. At least I can tell that it will start sometime by June 30 or maybe July 1st!! I am so excited and nervous. So, I got a lot of studying to do. We have already got the possible questions. 

One thing that might scare others, but doesn’t scare me:

The answer to this question was tough. I could not even know what things I am not scared of. But, I came up with 3 things at last. They are:

The BOO!! You know, the teacher is just walking by and then you suddenly go boo!! And the teacher is like EEKK!! So, that is one.

Another one is Horror movies/stories. Well, I do not watch these movies so much these days, but, I used to watch these when I was around 2 years younger, still, I never got scared.

The last one is talking to strangers and I still do not have an explanation for this. Well, that is all for this question.

Three things about this time of the year:

Easy question with simple answers. My answers are:

  1. I had gone to Bangkok at this time last year, so it is a special time to remember.
  2. It was my aunt’s and uncle’s anniversary recently
  3. It is summer so I can have Ice-cream

Two things in your life or the world that are changing:

The way of education

No one would believe you last year if you said we will learn from devices in 2020. That would sound stupid. But, now it is true. We are studying online.

My reactions

I get irritated very easily and start crying so I gotta say that is really one thing I need to improve.

One thing you are thinking about, but not quite ready to share yet:

About my habit of stressing out, getting irritated very easily, and being scared of the dark.

Three little things that mean a lot:

I would not call these things little, but anyways: Technology, Family, and Playing!! No explanations!!

Okay so those were the questions I pondered on and we had a great family discussion surely to remember forever. I think the session intended to look into our own thoughts and share. Overall, it was a good way to improve interacting skills and I think we can do these kinds of activities by printing them out while we go to our next school camp. It would be really fun in my thoughts. Signing off for now! See ya all next time!!


  1. Simple and real. Out of many, your strength on talking to strangers is my favorite one. Life is all about exploring and understanding what is already out there. I wish you lots of love and luck to first keep writing and second love what you do in life ❤️.

  2. Hello again, Shivan! What an amazing bundle of talent you are! Reading your blog brings a smile on my face. I feel like I have known you for so long. Congrats for finishing your exams. Have a great summer break. I know your genius mind wont sit idle at any cost, even on a summer break! Keep writing and amazing your readers. And as a mother myself, lastly would like to add that the more a mother yells at her children the more she loves them 🙂 speaking outa’ personal experience here! hehe! TC. Xoxoxo to you and your mama! ♥️

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