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A Child’s Diary: Idhika Diwan’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Idhika Diwan, a 7-year old girl, who lives in Thailand. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

June 1, 2020

Weather has been quite moody lately. And my brother fell and hurt his bum. I am sharing some pictures with him.

The weather changed from last week. Now rainy season has started but summer season has not ended. Some days it is very sunny, so we wear vests and shorts. On rainy days, we wear full sleeves and full pants. We don’t go out on sunny afternoons. We play inside the house. Last week, we built a pillow house on the bed. It had no specific door so we could get in or go out from anywhere. I and my younger brother went inside the pillow house with our favorite toys. We made our own pillow house with 4 pillows. The floor of the pillow house was a blanket. The blanket was very, very soft.

When we are bored, we also make paper planes and vans. One evening, I and my younger brother made bubble foams from soap and water. We threw the left over soap water in the front yard.  Then we added more water, without soap, on it. We made a water sliding ground with water and dragged our feet on the slippery ground. When we were playing this, my younger brother accidentally slipped on the floor. He hurt his bum and started to cry.

We also went on virtual tours in summer afternoons. We visited some of the 7 wonders of the world like Roman Colosseum, Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa and my brother’s favorite Taj Mahal. I drew some of them in my travel scrapbook. My favourite tour was the Smithsonian Museum. I liked the room for butterflies, whale bones, bug park and the mammoth statue at entrance. I also liked the room for Underwater and Ocean animals. 

We watch the weather forecast on my mother’s mobile phone every day. I like to watch the nearby cites weather forecast also. Sometimes a thunder storm appears. My younger brother gets scared of lightening. He tells everybody to stop talking. He thinks that the lightening will get less if we stay quiet. I try to explain him that you can’t control lighting by yourself, because it is a natural thing. He cries after he hears lightning sounds. He started wearing ear muffs and a blue cap. After wearing he didn’t hear any lightening sound and was happy.

Our plants grow very tall after it rains. Zoom Zoom!! Our basil plants grow very fast so we have a lot of basil’s leaves. Yesterday I picked lots of basil leaves and my mom made basil tea. Yummy!!! After a thunderstorm, there were lots of dead bugs in our front yard. It was a shortcut cleaning as red ants helped by carrying all the dead bugs as their food. 

On Friday night, we watched a Marathi movie called “Bokya Satbande”. The movie was about a boy, whose nick name was Bokya. He was very naughty. I loved the part when he shared fried fish, chicken and ice -cream with older people who lived in his society. Another part that I loved was when he taught the other kids, who lived in small homes. He and his friends taught English, painting and reading to other kids. I think children learnt more when children taught each other. I also taught my younger brother addition and subtraction on a number line. Then my mother quizzed him, and he got all sums correct. I enjoyed teaching my younger brother, so I have started playing “Teacher-Teacher” with him.

Bye, Bye, I will see you next time.


  1. Very nicely step by step written Idhika👏👏👏👏 keep writing in small sentences; all the best for your new academic year! 👍👍

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