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A Child’s Diary: Idhika Diwan’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Idhika Diwan, a 7-year old girl, who lives in Thailand. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

June 15, 2020

Do you know how we play with our puppy? It is a toy but we pretend that it is a real one 🙂

Our front and back yards are a habitat for animals and birds. I feel that they are beautiful gardens. Our back yard is home for birds, squirrels, and tree snakes. Our front yard is home for toads, sparrows, snails and lots of bug species. Once when I picked a big brick, one toad sprang out from behind. It hopped to nearby water plants.

I and my younger brother want to buy a pet puppy, but our mom and dad said we cannot. My mom doesn’t want to take care of a pet puppy.  But one of my friends, near my house, has a pet puppy named Olaf. I want to get a puppy too. So I and my younger brother pretend that our toy is a real puppy. Woof Woof!!! We put him in a cardboard box as his cage and play with him. We also take care of him by putting a belt on his neck. In the evening, when we go and play outside, sometimes we take him too. We also pretend to take him for a walk too.    

In the evening, I and my brother play the game “Whale Photower”.  We made this game by ourselves.  We pretend to be whale photographers, who take photos of whales from a boat. We have two under water cameras for clicking pictures. We even play a game called “Dolphin trainers”. We got an idea of this game after I saw dolphin shows. We pretend to train dolphins for dancing, jumping, sliding just like the show. WOOSHH!!!

One day when we were playing whale photower, I saw my friends playing on the street. So I rushed to play with them. I was playing with them after a long time. We played with balls. I also made a new friend. We study in the same school but not in the same class. But I had not talked to her in the school. At first, I had only one friend, but now I have two friends.   

On Friday, we saw launch of NASA and SpaceX mission called Dragon. The astronauts in the rocket had a microphone in their hand when they were talking in the video. If they didn’t press the button on the microphone, we couldn’t hear them. The two astronauts also had a glittery dinosaur balloon inside the space craft.  My mother told me that it was the first mission to be launched by a company. We also saw the same astronauts doing a live spacewalk beside the International Space Station. When they were doing the spacewalk, the astronauts looked like two big teddy bears in space. Before this, I had a video tour of International Space Station with astronaut Sunita Williams. She was floating the whole time. In the video, she asked some Russian astronauts, “What are you making?” They said, “We are making coffee”. I felt astonished because how could they make coffee in space?

In a normal school, I used to ask questions to teachers by raising my hand. In Google Classroom, I ask questions to teachers by typing as class comments. On Friday during Google Meet, our teacher said ’’ Are you ready to go to school? ” All the students shouted and replied “Yes, we are ready to go to school”. I also replied yes I am ready to go to school.  My parents told me that my school will open at end of June. I am very excited. I will keep writing my journal even after my school opens.               

Bye Bye!!!


  1. Very nicely step by step written Idhika👏👏👏👏 keep writing in small sentences; all the best for your new academic year! 👍👍

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