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A Child’s Diary: Idhika Diwan’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Idhika Diwan, a 7-year old girl, who lives in Thailand. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

July 6, 2020

Back to School and it is not the same anymore.

Now our school has opened!!! I was back to school on July 2. Yippee and Hooray!!!  But now it is not like all the 30 students are together in a class. The class is divided into 2 groups: Group A and Group B. I am in Group B. That means I need to go to school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do online school. But why are we going to school in Group A and Group B? This is because even if only one student gets infected with COVID – 19, the whole school will be closed again.  And students will be bored again. I will miss my friends.

On Thursday, 2nd July, I woke up very fresh even though I slept late at night. How is that possible for a 7 year old!!!  Then I brushed my teeth by myself. I quickly took a bath to get ready. I was getting ready for school after 4 months. I got dressed in my new school uniform. This new uniform has a face shield, masks along with old school uniform. I wore the mask and face shield just before wearing my shoes.

I and my younger brother go to school by walking over an overbridge. Our school bags were heavier than normal. Now I have to carry some extra stuff like school snacks, spoon, fork, and sanitizer, all in my bag. Earlier our school had a small canteen witch we could buy snacks from. But now it is closed.

Shut! Now my mother carries my and my younger brother’s bag. The over bridge is less crowded now so I can walk slowly on it. My class teacher checked our temperature before I entered the building. Another teacher gave me a signed attendance card. I have to carry this card whenever I go to school.

The teacher will sign it just before I enter my school building. When I reached inside my building, everybody was sitting on social distancing points. These points were marked for us by our teachers. We stood up for the Thai national anthem and our school prayer. After that, youngest class went to their classroom first.

My class turn came fourth. Before entering the class, our teacher gave us another sanitizer press on our hands. We sat alternately in our class. There was nobody sitting beside me. Some of my teachers are stuck in their own countries. A replacement teacher comes to teach us that subject.

Earlier, in short breaks, I used to go to the canteen. But now, I eat my own snack under the building. Before eating lunch, I used my own alcohol gel again. I used the spoon and fork that I had from home to eat my school lunch. Earlier, we used to play after lunch. Now the school lets us watch cartoons after lunch. I was sad because I couldn’t play.  In the evening, my mother came to pick me up. She told me that she also had her temperature checked two times. And this was my first day at school.

One of my best friends is in Group A. But I don’t miss her because I have my other best friend in my Group. Two new students joined our class. One of them became my friend because he shared a snack with me. During cartoon time, he also sat in the next line, beside me.

Earlier, we had hobbies and activities on Saturday. But now, I have full day class. My father dropped us to school as it was his holiday. I told him that he has to drop us to school on every Saturday. I also asked my parents to come to pick both of us in the evening.

This year, all students missed summer courses. So Google has started a website called CAMP Google. It has a lot of online activities. The first activity is to ‘Explore the Rivers of India’ and then paint a picture of the inside the river GANGA in MS Paint. I will do this and share the details in next blog.

Bye and Keep reading.


  1. Very nicely step by step written Idhika👏👏👏👏 keep writing in small sentences; all the best for your new academic year! 👍👍

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