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A Child’s Diary: Idhika Diwan’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Idhika Diwan, a 7-year old girl, who lives in Thailand. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

June 22, 2020

We celebrate Father’s Day . We wrote letters and dad loved them.

This year International Father’s day is on June 21. I, my younger brother, and mom planned a surprise party for my dad. We made lots of crafts as a gift for him. I made a dress for my doll from waste paper. I made a warrior costume and put it in a gift box. We also made letters for our dad. We used an A4 paper to write the letter.

We wrote, “Hi baba, I love you. You are a good dad. We all love you.”  Then I drew a giant heart. I made two of these letters. I colored my heart in pink and red colors. We also decorated the envelopes with crayons. They were looking very beautiful. I folded the envelope very carefully. My mother helped me to make a block calendar for my dad. The calendar was from the Netflix movie ‘Puss in boots’. I cut the paper and pasted it to make 2 blocks and a block holder.

I planned to get up at 7:00 am on Sunday, but our dad got up earlier than us.  So we didn’t decorate the house. We gave the letter and the doll to our dad before breakfast. My dad loved these gifts. We ate banana puri for breakfast. I used a cookie cutter to help my mom to cut dad’s puri in heart shape. I did the cutting before mom put the puri in the frying pan.

For dessert, I with my brother and mother made a saffron chocolate cake. After cooling the cake, we melt a little bit of chocolate ice-cream. Then I spread the melted ice-cream on the cake. We also arranged our alphabet blocks in to HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. We also made tamarind seeds in to my father’s age 40. After my father cut the cake, we gave him our home made gifts. Inside the gift box, there were milk can cars, scratch arts, a boat made from plastic bottle, and a Lego plane. We plan to make a ball funfair in the evening. The funfair will only has games that include ball like bowling, balance the ball, basketball, and catch the ball with the lasso.  

I like playing pillow fight with my dad. I love asking questions about science to him. He always replies with a correct answer. My dad always helps me when we make Lego. I love being his assistant chef in the kitchen. He explains new human body parts to me very well. I like to learn lot of new things from him.

My school will start from July 1. I have to go on alternate days. My teacher told that no group activities will be allowed in school. We have to maintain distance of 1m between friends. We always maintain this distance while we play “catch the friend”. We only tap our friend when we catch them. So I don’t mind the social distance while playing. Now in Thailand, there is no lockdown. We don’t need to wear masks in places which have less than 10 people.  We don’t wear masks while sitting in car but we have to wear them in malls. Our teacher told us to wear face shields if we don’t like to wear masks. I am eager to go to school in this new uniform.

Bye for now!!


  1. Very nicely step by step written Idhika👏👏👏👏 keep writing in small sentences; all the best for your new academic year! 👍👍

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