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A Child’s Diary: Saee Yogesh Kokil’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Saee Yogesh Kokil, a 13-year old girl, who lives in Pune, India. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

May 18, 2020

Can you believe that I was in a different world? But I am back with a lesson for all.


One fine day I was merrily advancing home from school. The day was full of activities in school. While stepping out of the school, I decided to mingle at home with a cup of hot chocolate, while watching my favorite show.

I was walking while watching fun on the road. Small puppy was passing by & cow was enjoying her grass. Children around were trying to play on roadside with bat & ball. I came close to my home. I was astonished when in a trice everything around me was put to an end; people stood like statues all around me, people in cars, babies in prams all lifeless, frozen in time.

Oh my god!! What’s this I could not believe on my eyes.

I thought how this could happen, what to do and who is the mastermind of this plan? I walked inside my house and the bushes in garden shook, but it was not a windy day. Some rays of light were seen by me. I searched into greens & what’s this??

A small UFO spotted….

Aliens …yes these were Aliens I could clearly see coming out of UFO.

They were conversing in some mystifying language. I was trying to convince them that it was out of my understanding at that moment they showed me a film clip, which made me startle. Strangely they spoke now in English. They said, “Your planet is strident that the people of our planet are annoyed.

“What?? you come from other planet, which planet?” before I could ask several questions they ordered me to wear a special suit.

Instantly they shot me with an electric gun. The rest I don’t remember, but yes, I could feel some movements and imagine some dark sky with stars to decorate and sounds of trumpets, which all were more like a dream.

When I awoke they gave me brackish water and plain bread, a sort of sticky which could be gulped at once. The bread was not a concoction, like how we Indians make. I was feeling livelier here. But the planet was aplomb, with pink and dazzling sky and the people were stocky. They took me to their head who was infuriated by the misbehavior; people continuously used different types of sound which were loud enough to disturb the public here; moreover, continuous industrialization and contamination of earth’s resources forced him to teach us lesson.

But seeing me considerate he shared the reason of brining me to this planet. I realized that man has turned greedy and overconfident of their inventions.

I apologized and promised that I will strive to convey the message to human till my last breath, so they do not face any more problems. They took me home happily.

Lastly, I saw my people aware of the fact and my companions to fulfil my word of peace till the very last. Suddenly I woke up it was a pleasant morning … I realized that man should mend their ways before it is too late.      


  1. अत्यंत छान माहिती.विशेषत:वादळ व हत्तीण यांचे वर्णन
    खूपच सुंदर.अशी डायरी रोज लिहीत गेल्यास ताई तू भविष्यात चांगली लेखिका नक्कीच होशील.खूप खूप

  2. Very Nice Diary. Happiness lies in small things. Baba is a great Hero for every Daughter. Two things are very nicely explained. Photos also are very good.

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