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A Child’s Diary: Saee Yogesh Kokil’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Saee Yogesh Kokil, a 13-year old girl, who lives in Pune, India. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

June 1, 2020

Attracted to family togetherness…… aren’t you?

This week I strongly felt that people even I want a joint family than nuclear family. Joint families are together and in such tension period; all can comfortably accept one another.

 In my family each person plays an important role my mom, dad and my grandparents who share their experience to make me alert.

In the journey of my life from a sapling to a deeply rooted tree two more family members are included, my teachers

 Ranjan sir and Divyanshu sir. They help find my true potential and showing me a path to achieve my ultimate aim in life.

On Tuesday my friend arrived from her hometown, and that evening we played so much and had good laughs. Laughing made me relaxed after so many decades we had such a loud and free laugh……

Quite satisfying huh…

I can see miniature eyes are disappearing. Small problems are given faces of being big…

My lockdown friends are growing and becoming self-sufficient, I learn a lot from them, the plants.

From Monday I had a busy schedule and while studying I went through a poem which I love a lot.

It is:                                                                       The Heart of Tree              

                                                                Written by Henry Cuyler bunner.

 On weekends I saw many movies. One was on a comedy recarnation of six people in 1419. In my state the government has currently announced UNLOCK 1, waiting to meet my besties.

This week I realized the importance of joint families than nuclear one, miniature eyes than actual ones, and satisfying laughs than counted smiles.


  1. अत्यंत छान माहिती.विशेषत:वादळ व हत्तीण यांचे वर्णन
    खूपच सुंदर.अशी डायरी रोज लिहीत गेल्यास ताई तू भविष्यात चांगली लेखिका नक्कीच होशील.खूप खूप

  2. Very Nice Diary. Happiness lies in small things. Baba is a great Hero for every Daughter. Two things are very nicely explained. Photos also are very good.

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