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A Child’s Diary: Saee Yogesh Kokil’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Saee Yogesh Kokil, a 13-year old girl, who lives in Pune, India. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):

May 25, 2020

I am sharing my very first poem that I wrote when I was 8 years old. What do you think?

Dwelling in memories and smiling slightly…. isn’t it?

On Monday I was sailing through my childhood memories and remembered one of my very first poem which I wrote when I was 8 years old. It is:

The trophy of friendship
There is a shimmer in the word friendship
There should be a booth for every buddy
There should not be telepathy among themselves,
but they should live their lives like the golden fairies.
We have won the trophy of friendship
Feeling active, excited and joyful by taking the trophy of friendship.
There is a carriage full of dreams, we have one another in one team.
Writing illustrations in a book everyone please have a look.
We have won the trophy of friendship.

This remembers me that when a person has silence and time he rarely dwells in good memories of past, like me I usually remember negative things.

It’s quite natural I believe that the silence which is acceptable to our soul after ultimate rest of course would not be suitable when it has a living body…

Quite deep huh…

This week I travelled to Belmont and Venice along with Shakespeare’s story the merchant of Venice.

 But more than lockdown due to corona I think we have lockdown due to inhuman people. I can see a group of people gathering around in my society but not following the instructions, but when I don’t see them, I don’t feel comfortable. my mind rests on two things making me unstable.

I can observe some good changes, usage of technology but it has devastating effects too I miss my friends a lot, my teachers. But I fear usage of much technology can cause harm to our health.

This week I realized the importance of self-immunization than medicine intake. My parents are overprotective they take me to doctor even if I have a small problem. But now we fear to go to a doctor we get self-immunized. I love to observe the behavior of people in lockdown and the effects of it!


  1. अत्यंत छान माहिती.विशेषत:वादळ व हत्तीण यांचे वर्णन
    खूपच सुंदर.अशी डायरी रोज लिहीत गेल्यास ताई तू भविष्यात चांगली लेखिका नक्कीच होशील.खूप खूप

  2. Very Nice Diary. Happiness lies in small things. Baba is a great Hero for every Daughter. Two things are very nicely explained. Photos also are very good.

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