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Facing today is the biggest challenge

New to blogging? We all deal with our fear, specially when we are starting something new. Here is my story of fear and courage. Please share yours!

I am scared today – very scared!

I am starting my journey as a blogger…….again!

To be honest, this is not the first time I have ever written a blog. Five years ago, one of my blogs went viral, and I received hundreds of thank you emails from strangers.

So, I am aware that my words can be powerful – yet – I am scared today.


My friend Maddy had an answer for me,

You are scared because it matters a lot to you.  You want people to appreciate it.’

Fair point.

As simple as that sounds, starting anything new can be overwhelming. For example, just to come up with a name for this website was tiresome.

Travel with me

Eww! Who the hell cares to travel with me? Who am I?

A woman traveler

Cliché, everyone is a traveler today

Travel & Yoga Blog

Millions of them!’

These were my thoughts that haunted me for weeks.

I had almost given up, till I realized that I was too worried that it has all been said before. Sure, maybe, but not by me. I needed to write my own stories.

So, I started writing every day for a month. Yet, I never published them.  


It goes back to fear again….fear of being judged, fear of what others might think, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty. The list goes on…

So, I kept pushing my plan to publish for another day.

But why do we fear?

Let’s accept it. Fear is natural. Even Captain America and Iron Man had to deal with their fears. And specially when we start anything new, fear is inevitable.

Worse, life is tough. Nothing comes for free. In fact, my father always said,

If you got things without paying the price, then you feel entitled. And that entitled mentality is your worst enemy.’

And that’s the point. It is that entitled mentality that creates fear. We expect all the goodness in life without putting in much effort. Just a simple expectation that the moment I publish a blog, people would read it was turning into my fear. I was left behind with a single question, ‘What happens if things do not go as planned?

Maddy had a great explanation again,

We all dream, we love to dream – because dream is all about tomorrow. But who wants to face today? Today is all about our fear.

She made me think. I spent hours wondering what I am missing in life because of my own fear.

Nothing is ever accomplished unless I do something and only courage will give me power to get me to start somewhere (even if it means starting a blog expressing my own fear).

And even if it did not go as planned, the experience of writing would make me a better person.

So here I am – letting go of my fear and building up courage to do something that I always wanted to do – write without any inhibition and inspire others.

This is my story of facing my ‘today’ to make my ‘tomorrow’. What’s your story? Please share, inspire and encourage.

Much love!

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