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A Child’s Diary: Shoheet Gurung’s Lockdown Diary

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Shoheet Gurung, a 13-year old boy, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are his thoughts (no edits, no filters):
Meet Shoheet Gurung and let’s listen to his stories

21 April 2020

I realized I wanted to update my Lockdown Dairy. I’m curious, how did the virus start? Many say it started from a Chinese Farmer who purchased a bat and ate it. But then, other’s people believe it was from someone who ate a Snake. But some theories go as far as saying it began in a Science Laboratory of some sort. Yet, official articles state that it came from a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. In all these scenarios, someone bought a packet of meat, ate it and voila, Covid-19.

Due to the ongoing lockdown, my school has organized online classrooms where students can catch up on our studies by daily homework. If I were to be honest, online school is MUCH more fun than real school. You can study within the comfort of your loving home. We get daily homework, once per day and we also get to chat with the School Management and get updates.

I should mention that my family in Nepal is very religious. My family practices Buddhism, a very spiritual religion if I say so myself. Call it “Ignorance of Superstition”, but my religion believes that this Virus started from the ignorance of Humans who destroyed nature and consumed animals which were “not” necessary to our diets. (My family are pure vegetarians. We do not eat eggs or fish.)

It may be superstitious but think of it like this; Humanity has destroyed our natural environment and eaten foods considered “not necessary.” Some humans would eat cockroaches, bats, crocodiles, snakes, dogs, cats, and even other humans (?). I get it, I don’t blame you if you believe you’re a food connoisseur and want to try out every single possible dish out there. But there’s a limit to how far it goes at some point isn’t there? Someone ate meat and boom, Covid-19.

As a boy who grew up without all the religious stuff, I can be skeptical of religion. But I fully believe that it was the humanity who caused the virus. It was us who destroyed, mindlessly consumed, and polluted our nature. So in “Buddhist” ways, you could even say that it was Mother Nature who sent this virus to “punish” us. After all, “What goes around comes around,” “Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve”

Last but not the least: Politics.

Eighty percent of the people that make up governments around the world and lead our countries are all mindless. 

  • World Covid-19 report as of 4/21/2020 (Ref:
  • Cases: 2,501,920 and counting
  • Deaths: 171,741 (21%) and rising
  • Recovered: 658,956 (79%) and lowering

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is doing a fine job at controlling Covid-19 case. His citizens on the other hand, aren’t exactly paying attention to what he has to say and are not understanding basic procedures about a Lockdown. Because of this, Canada has a lot of cases now. Nothing as much as when compared to the USA though…

President Donald John Trump of America is a man of great pride?  Huh.

  • USA Covid-19 report as of 4/21/2020 (Ref:
  • Cases: 792,938 and counting
  • Deaths: 42,518 and rising 
  • Recovered: 72,389 and lowering. 

President Donald Trump was so busy mocking and blaming China that now, USA is #1 on global health case on Corona Virus. He doesn’t wear a mask himself (a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO)) and he also doesn’t enforce people to wear masks. At first, USA didn’t care about the true nature of the virus. Confident that they could control and contain the virus, with their intelligent President leading them.

That is ridiculous. China, where the disease originated, now has less cases then USA. Huh.

So far in Nepal they’re able to manage the spread of the virus. So far Nepal has 31 cases and no deaths. Some Nepalese haughtily believe that they have a superior and more powerful immune system. But the thing is, Nepal is an underdeveloped country, so they can’t provide shelter or food for most of the people who are under unplanned lockdown. Many citizens are suffering from starvation. Banks, jobs, shops, are now closed and we have no way of obtaining essential commodities.

I am lucky that my family is wealthy enough to be able to provide for ourselves. But many people aren’t lucky as I am and are suffering out there since they have no food or shelter. Some people have started walking great distances, at great peril to themselves, to get to their ancestral homes despite the lockdown, assuming it is not overseas. Overall Nepal did well on the lockdown. But providing food and shelter for the increasing homeless is becoming the main problem. 

Compared to Nepal, USA has a way better medical healthcare system. They believe they can prevent the Coronavirus with their superior medical system. Thanks to their Intelligent President who is leading them and thanks to them not understanding the nature of this virus, their public is facing the same problems as us. Even though USA is a developed country it is experiencing the same social crisis as Nepal is. Charity organizations in both countries are trying to handle it. Overall, thanks to their poor job on the actual Lockdown procedure in USA many of its citizens got affected and now are suffering.

And with that, I would like to conclude this update of my Dairy.

Forgive me if this sounded somewhat judgmental or arrogant, but I was just stating the facts as I interpret them. 


  1. Nice article. One silly question- how long will this virus last? What’s ur thoughts?

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