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A Child’s Diary: Prisha Shrestha’s Corona Diary

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Prisha Shrestha, a 12-year old girl, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here are her thoughts (no edits, no filters).
Meet Prisha Shrestha and let’s listen to her poems


Devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country 
This is an attachment felt to one’s country 
Which covers, culture, ethnicity, cast, history, etc 

Every single person living in a country 
Should have a place 
In their heart for their own homeland 
No matter the situation.  
Patriotism plays a vital role
In the development of a country
It also refers to being selfless 
And prepared to give in anything
For the country despite the situation.  

A well developed and advanced country 
In each aspect indicates the presence  
Of truly patriotic citizens
One can easily call themselves patriotic  
But actions speak louder than words.  
It takes will power, dedication, hard work, and selflessness
To become patriotic to the fullest degree
Very often people refer to their country 
As their motherland and it’s true.  
We are born in our country 
Ever since the beginning
We are nurtured and brought up from there  
So it is undoubtedly our responsibility to look after it.
In fact, every citizen should make that commitment
When the majority of the people are patriotic
For the bottom of their hearts
It is definitely possible to eliminate 
Any unpatriotic feeling from the others.  
It only takes one to have a good start 
Peace and harmony in the whole country 
Can be obtained through patriotism  
It can be used to increase the standard of living
And also to unite everyone.  
It won’t take a long time to get rid of 
Evil and selfishness throughout the country 
Therefore, patriotism is needed 
To reside in a tranquil way.

It’s All About Perception

"Every time I pass by, I wonder what they see" I ask myself
My abnormal body or the ugly stretch marks
The non - existent thigh gap or the damaged hair
The clear unevenness in my teeth
when I smile or the acne all over my face.
All of these flaws that I can't get rid of
And my insecurity gets the best of me
"When they lay their eyes on you," she says.

The see a heart of gold
The beautiful aura glowing from your very own soul
The angelic eyes easy to get lost in
And every movement filled with gracefulness 
Each of your flaw is admirable
You are perfectly imperfect
You are beautiful.  

Karma Strikes Back

Oh dear lord!
How I wish for everything to be normal 
The meaningless days
Needed to be spent with loneliness.
The Innocents affected are still unknown about it 
Having families to take care of 
The cries of help of the substandard 
Always going unheard.
The quick but sorrowful deaths
The problem is yet to be solved
But should this only be taken negatively?
The wonderful Earth created years ago
The beauty and peace has all vanished 
And yet the human race 
Is still not showing humanity.
Now the nature itself decides to change 
With the global pandemic as it's only way 
The world is upside down 
As karma is taking the lead.
With the Earth blooming again  
There's so much more to it 
Let's take the opportunity and reflect back 
Working together for a fresh new start!!
To be cont'd - we will update this page as Prisha shares her poems. Stay tuned!

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