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A Child’s Diary: Idhika Diwan’s Corona Lockdown Days

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Idhika Diwan, a 7-year old girl, who lives in Thailand. Here are her thoughts as shared by her mother (no edits, no filters):
Meet Idhika Diwan and let’s listen to her stories

August 3, 2020

The next day of long holiday

On the next day of long holiday, we went to a museum called “Kru Kang Ban”. The museum had old things. My mom told me that these things were used by my grandparents. There was a Luna at the entrance of the museum. My grandparents, aunt, and even my dad have driven a Luna. Next there was a horsecart.I sat on the horsecart two times.

At the first time, I sat as a passenger. Then, I sat as a horsecontroller. On the first floor, there was a Thai tea shop, traditional noodle shop, fruit shop, squid and fish sheet shop, an ice dessert shop, and an old movie theater. I also saw an old classroom. It was differences from the classroom that we have now. The board was black in the old classroom, but in my classroom the board is white.

In our classroom, our teacher writes by a marker. But in old classrooms, there were chalks for writing. Then we went to an old kitchen. The old kitchen had no microwaves, gas or hotplates. There was a fire place to cook food. There were clay pots instead of metal utensils. We saw a black, old telephone. It was very big. I didn’t know how to operate it.

My parents taught me to operate the telephone. It was not easy to use a big telephone as we cannot dial the number until we hold the receiver near the ear. The receiver was heavy. There was also a hand printing press. I had never seen it before. The printing press was hard and slow. But today, printers are very fast and easy to use. The museum was exiting at first, but then boring at last.

After that, we went to a place called “Raksame Bridge”. The bridge ended at a mangrove forest. The forest was used for crab conservation. The bridge was a suspension bridge for walking only. I didn’t want to walk alone on the suspension bridge because the bridge moved continuously. Then we climbed a ship. The ship didn’t move as it was tied by a rope. It was placed for show only. I, my younger brother, and my dad sat in cabin of the ship. We went to the deck of the ship by climbing a staircase.

My dad said that you have to make your legs like a duck as the stairs were narrow. Quack, Quack!!! I thought of a joke while climbing the ship. “If a duck climbed up this staircase, it would be called Duckcase”. Quaha Quaha Quaha. At the top, I saw the river and the forest on both sides. We took a family selfee with this background. Say cheese, click! Then we came down.

We went inside the mangrove forest. We walked on a wooden walkway bridge. This bridge was smaller than Raksame bridge in width. There were no handle bars on the side of walkway. We kicked fallen dried leaves for the crabs to eat. We looked down to find crabs. There were lots different coulored crabs. The walkway was curvy. There was a watch tower. There was a staircase that we climbed to reach the top. The staircase was 100 steps. There was a spectacular view when we were on top. I was not tired when I was climbing. After the trip, we ate ice creams. We ate ice creams because we were tired after walking.

The black kitten is now 1 month, and a bit naughty now. During the rainy season, the kitten was sleeping like a soft, fury, warm ball. Yesterday the kitten was pulling our brooms hair and a ribbon. The kitten dragged the broom to our car.
We will celebrate the festival of Rakhi on Monday. Normally my cousin sister from India sends two Rakhi’s for me and my younger brother. But this year, I made a Rakhi for him because of Covid-19. My entire family made Rakhi for each other. I enjoyed making them.
Bye for now.


  1. Very nicely step by step written Idhika👏👏👏👏 keep writing in small sentences; all the best for your new academic year! 👍👍

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