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A Child’s Diary: Anushka Nikam’s Lockdown Diary

We are encouraging children to write diaries and share with us. We are presenting Anushka Nikam, a 11-year old girl, who lives in Ohio, USA. Here are her thoughts (no edits, no filters).
Meet Anushka Nikam and let’s listen to her stories

April 2, 2020

I get hungry when I watch TV (or is it other way round)? 🙂

Today was like any other normal day except for when we started our remote learning classes. I got my first assignment from my teachers for school which I really didn’t understand. After I did all the assignments from school then I sorta had my free time to do whatever I wanted and what I mean by whatever I wanted is that I played and blogged which is my FAVORITE thing to do in my free time.

After that, my mom called me for Lunch, and after Lunch, me and my younger brother went outside and played sports and just got some fresh air for a bit then we got to watch and have electronics time for 1 hour.

When I first start watching I automatically start to feel hungry. Actually I always feel hungry while watching. I don’t really know why but I am just like that. My brother and I  had Ice Cream Sundaes which were SUPER GOOD!!! So after I had that awesomeness AKA Ice Cream Sundaes I went back to my schoolwork websites and played a game and (Prodigy) was its name. Well, that was a pretty short day and a pretty exhausting day for you know you who (ME), Well it felt like that for me. So now I am super tired sooooo GOODNIGHT!!!

April 1, 2020

I feel that the whole world has turned upside down

Happy April 1st AKA (April Fools Day)!!!

So it has been THREE WEEKS since I have NOT gone to school, and I hate to admit it. I kinda miss school and all my friends.

All because of this COVID-19 thing we had an unexpected turn in our life and an unexpected extended SPRING BREAK!!! Because of the lockdown I have lost things that I really wanted to do this year. Like, my Chicago trip got canceled because we planned to go to Chicago on Spring Break. We have lost that ability to go out, enjoy restaurants, shopping and going on trips. But the most sad part is that my 12th birthday will be canceled because of Social Distancing and that SUCKS!!!

I am kinda bummed out about that but my family will try and make the best of my birthday. I trust them. Not just my birthday got canceled. My friend’s birthday did too and we can’t go to her birthday sadly. 

I Really DO NOT like being quarantined and I don’t like this Social Distancing thing and sometimes I feel like the whole world has turned upside down!!! I hope that it would just be a miracle and the COVID-19 would disappear into thin air and NEVER EVER come back.

March 23, 2020

Beginning of the lockdown

Today the FIRST day of our official LOCKDOWN!!

I have been pretty bored ever since school got cancelled so I TRIED to spend my time wisely and make a to-do list for myself so I can do more productive stuff instead of just sitting on the couch and eating snacks AKA (junk).

So first in the morning I do academic time like any subject I want (Math, Science. History, & English). Then it goes on to the creative part, what I like to do then is just draw OR paint, then it is Lunchtime. So after Lunch it’s chore time but I really don’t DO chore time. Instead I just watch TV. My mom makes me do the dishes in the morning after my academic time.

My mom only limits me to 1 hour a day while watching because she wants me to do more productive stuff. Finally after all that if it’s nice weather we go take a walk or play sports in our backyard, so we have dinner and sleep.

To be cont'd as Anushka updates her diary with her stories


  1. Dear Anushka

    I can imagine your pain in the lock – down time. Fortunately the confinement has helped you to try your creativity and a nice writing ability is blossoming . Will expect to read more from you.

    Like you , we also don’t like this social distancing / lock -down . But this is the need of the time and we must go by it for our own benefit . Please bear with it for a little more and the good old days will come soon .
    With lots of love .


  2. Thank u so much Nana! I am getting used to this Lock down more and more and also I hope that you and Nani are staying safe and healthy, I love you and Nani so much! See you soon when we go to Malaysia

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